Pneumatic Perfume Spray Pump Crimper

Pneumatic Perfume Crimper Capper

An easy-to-use press for crimp on perfume atomisers, our bench mounted
pneumatic spray pump crimper makes the crimping of spray pumps quick and reliable,
and makes it easier to crimp seal high volumes of perfume atomizers
spray pumps.

Specifications of the Pneumatic Spray Pump Crimper

– Standard sizes: 13mm, 15mm,18mm & 20mm
– Bench Mounted
– Pneumatic action for high Production speed
– Efficient & reliable crimping
– High quality and reliability
– Easy Operation
– Supplied with 15mm & 20mm collet as standard

Alternative sizes available upon request.

For More Information on the Pneumatic Spray Pump Crimper & Additional Collet Sizes.


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