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Perfume Liquid Filling Machine

SKU: PLF-200
Single-Head Liquid Vacuum Filling Machine

– Fills any perfume bottle to a pre-set level.
– Adjustable filling speed.
– When the perfume has reached filling level, the excess is drawn into the overflow bottle.
– The filler will draw perfume / liquid from floor level to table top
– Runs on compressed air – only a small compressor is required
– Weight 4.6Kg
– Air Consumption 44NL/min
– Require air pressure 5 Bar minimum
– Dimensions (with 2 litre overflow bottle) –  15cm x 32cm x 36cm
All parts in contact with perfume are stainless steel with silicone rubber hose.
There is a screw adjuster to set the filling height, which is a unique feature.  The air flow control will adjust the vacuum level.

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