Manual Dip Tube Cutter Trimmer

Manual Dip Tube Cutter

The MDTC-1 manual dip tube cutter trimmer is a manually operated tool designed to cut the plastic dip tubes of atomiser and dispenser pumps to the required length. The cutting tool creates a “V” notch at the end of the tube which helps prevent a blockage or restriction being created when the tube is in contact with the inside of the bottle or container, thereby allowing unrestricted free flow of the product through the pump dispenser.

The dip tube cutter has the following features:-
1) The cutter has an integral work bench clamp which fixes the tool securely in a position that allows the offcuts to be collected in a container at floor level.
2) There is an adjustable stop which positions each pump so that the tubes are all cut to the same pre-determined length.
3) An extension guide tube is attached to keep longer tubes straight while cutting.
4) The tool will cut tube diameters from 1.6mm to 6.5mm
5) Tubes are automatically centred under the blade so no adjustment is required for different tube diameters.
6) Light action, very little effort is required to cut the tube. Just press down with the palm of one hand to complete the operation.
7) The cutting blades are hardened giving a long life expectancy.

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