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Glass Vials

Our range of glass vials includes: injection vials, dram vials, screw thread diagnostic vials as well as specimen tubes and snap top vials.  We also offer a large selection of caps and closures to suit your specific requirements.

Types of glass vials;

USP Type I Borosilicate Glass: The least reactive type of glass available for containers.

USP Type II De-alkalized Soda-Lime Glass: Contains higher levels of sodium hydroxide and calcium oxide than type I. Though quite stable and safe to use with products below a pH level 7, it is not as stable as type I.

USP Type III Soda-Lime Glass: Used for storing dry powder & liquids which are insensitive to alkali. Not to be used for products that are to be autoclaved, but is suitable for dry heat sterilization.

USP Type NP Soda-Lime Glass: General purpose glass – suited for non-parenteral products (to be consumed orally or by inhalation) The vial intended to be in contact with heating or chemicals. Often used for storing medicines especially in tablet form.

For Help Choosing the Correct Glass Vial for your Requirements

Please take a look at our glass vials buyers guide.

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