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Cosmetic Atomiser Spray Pump Crimpers & Fillers

At Laboratory Precision Ltd we provide a range of split collet crimping tools for crimping aluminium crimp-on atomizer spray pump caps as well as a press for fitting crimpless spray pumps onto bottles supplied to the perfume and beauty industry.

These tools can be supplied to suit all sizes but are supplied with 15mm & 20mm collets as standard.

The Different options are:

Manual Hand held Cosmetic Spray Pump Crimper: For easy crimping of small batch runs.  A tool for low volumes to get you started.

Manual Bench Mounted Atomiser Spray Pump Crimper: For quantities in the hundreds, this bench top crimper gives you the freedom to cap at your own pace.

Pneumatic Bench Mounted Perfume Spray Pump Crimper: Semi-automatic: Ideal for larger production batches .

Manual bench Mounted Cosmetic Spray Pump Collar Press:  For use sealing crimp-less spray pumps and fitting collars over crimped on pumps

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