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Crimp Seals & Vial Stoppers

Flip Off Seals / Caps: Crimp on caps for injection vials.  An aluminium flip off crimp seal with plastic top which flips off tearing out the centre revealing the septa or stopper, commonly used for injection vials.

Complete Tear Off Seals / Caps: Crimp on tear off seals usually one piece aluminium allowing complete removal by hand for full access to the contents of the vial.

Centre Tear Out Seals / Caps: Plain one piece crimp on aluminium seal with centre section that can be removed to gain access to the stopper; for injection.

Flip Off Tear Off Caps / Seals: Tamper evident crimp seal with plastic top which allows complete tear off of the aluminium seal by hand.  The aluminium seal remains attached to the plastic top and allows the complete removal of the aluminium part; for aluminium crimp sealed serum vial.

Flip Up Tear Off Seals /  Caps: Similar to the crimp on flip-off tear-off seals but with a tag on the side of the plastic cap indicating position and direction of removal.

Crimp on Closure/Cap (3 piece) with top and Seal:  Closure / dispenser for use on aromatherapy bottles, aftershave lotion containers and creams. These crimp seals with screw tops can be manufactured to the customers design preference in aluminium with coloured anodising if required. MOQ applies.

Vial Stoppers: Round Bottom injection stoppers, 2-Leg or multi leg lyophilisation Stoppers (Or bungs) available in Grey Butyl Rubber, Silicone Treated Butyl Rubber & Clear Silicone.

Crimp seals are available in a Range of Colours, Sizes & Styles
Common Sizes: 13mm, 20mm, 32mm

Colours: Natural, Blue, red, grey, green, yellow, black, white, pink, orange and purple and more.

The seals can be customized with your logo when ordered in large quantities, please ask.

We can supply all your crimp cap / seals and vial stopper requirements.

Simply select your required cap / seal type above to view our range.

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