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Vial Crimpers & Vial Decappers

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of quality vial crimpers and vial de-cappers for crimping aluminium caps onto vials and bottles as well as de-capping (de-crimping). If it’s a crimper or a de-capper you need, then we have the tool to suit as we have been producing them for nearly 30 years. We are constantly innovating product improvements and additions enabling even more effective solutions for crimping and de-capping to suit almost any application.

As well as all the regular sizes we manufacture crimpers and de-cappers for special types and sizes of caps and our tools are often integrated into production lines. If you require a vial crimper or a vial de-capper then, in our customer’s opinion, our tools cannot be beaten for quality and reliability.

Guide to Choosing From Our Range of Vial Crimping and Vial De-capping Equipment

Hand Vial Crimper – for crimping/sealing aluminium caps in low volumes.
Hand Vial Decapper – for decapping/decrimping aluminium caps from vials and bottles.
Bench-Mounted Vial Crimper and Decapper  – for easier manual crimping and decapping of vials in mid-range volumes.
Pneumatic Vial Crimper and Decapper – for larger volume applications where speed, consistancy and ease of use is essential.  

For help in choosing the correct vial crimper, please take a look at our vial crimper buyers guide.

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