Bench Top Vial Seal Crimper / Decapper

Cappress Junior Bench Mounted Vial Cap Crimper

Portable, Cost Effective with a long life expectancy making volume Crimping much easier than with a hand held crimper or de-capper
The better alternative to hand crimping is our latest Cappress Junior CPJ-19 Vial Seal Crimper.

This manual bench-top vial seal crimper has been re-designed, is completely mobile and has a sound stable base.  Cappress Junior CPJ-19 can be easily moved from one work-place to another.

The design of the lever mechanism generates mechanical advantage due to it’s cleverly designed actuator taking it’s formula from our patented and very successful AP/CP2000 Airtool, it has less moving parts than the earlier model and now takes de-capping heads as well as crimping heads.

We have many years of experience in the design and manufacture of vial crimping and de-capping tools. We only use the best quality materials; the crimping jaws are machined to precise limits and are then hardened and coated to give long life and smooth, trouble-free operation..
The crimping and de-capping heads are easily interchangeable to suit different sizes and types of cap.  Cappress Junior will take all sizes of crimping and de-capping head up to 20mm including those for atomiser pumps and 20mm flip-top caps with that extra tag.

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