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Pneumatic Vial Crimper & Decapper Tool

SKU: AP/CP2000
AP/CP2000 Pneumatic Crimping & Decapping Tool

A light-weight hand held or bench mounted pneumatic vial crimper and decapper designed and patented to make it simple to crimp and de-cap (de-crimp) vials and bottles.

The AP/CP2000 Vial crimper and de-capper is used around the world, from Australia to Sweden, from Chile to China, the tool has proved to be the class leader in pharmacy crimpers and de-cappers for R & D and production packaging. The tool requires little or no maintenance just a clean air supply and has proved to be totally reliable.

In the past (and still available today), hand-held air-powered / pneumatic crimpers were heavy tools. This was the best technology available due to basic physics that require a large air cylinder to generate the thrust required. At Laboratory precision Limited, we overcame this problem and patented the result.

Our AP/CP2000 vial crimper and decapper weighs just 720 grams (1.5lbs) with standard heads and has more than enough thrust to crimp all size caps up to 30mm.  Patent and designs registered.

Please use the picture of cap types (under the main product photo on this page) to determine which tool you require before
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