Vial Cap Crimper – Cappress Senior

Cappress Senior Vial Cap Crimper

Manual vial cap crimper for easy crimping of large bottles and caps. A mobile but stable vial cap crimper, reduced stress on operators and easy crimping of large bottles with thick stoppers. Our vial cap crimping press makes the capping of 32mm caps safe and

There is no requirement for electricity or compressed air.

The lower lever is used to bring the unit down on to the bottle. Whilst held in this position the upper lever is then operated and the cap is crimped under the head of the bottle.

The lever design is such that the pressures on operation are directed through the base of the press which keeps the press stable in operation. Due to the design of the levers, minimal pressure is required for the cap crimping operation. The jaws of Cappress Senior are interchangeable; they simply screw in and out in seconds.

Cappress Senior is a completely mobile vial cap crimper & stable in operation.

The Cappress Senior has a two lever operation, one for compressing the stopper and the other for crimping the cap. Minimal pressure is required to crimp the cap.

Jaws of Cappress Senior are interchangeable for different sizes and types of cap.

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