Applications for crimp on atomiser spray pumps

Crimp on spray pumps are the preferred method for intranasal medication as well as perfumes because they are much less likely to leak when fitted properly and are tamper proof.  Regular sizes of spray pumps are usually 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 18mm and 20mm.  They can also be found in other varying diameters, dosage amounts, length of skirt and general shape.

Fitting the pump

A multi-fingered collet type of crimper may be the best option for fitting the atomiser.  This is because if the cap has a long skirt, it can be laid against the neck of the bottle with this tool.  We advise all our customers on the correct tool to suit their selected component assembly.


A correctly adjusted tool and suitably compatible components are the key to a secure seal and there is no substitute for a quality crimper.  At LPL we stock regular size spray pump crimpers and supply spray pumps and bottles.

Ken Marshall
Director of Engineering
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