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When Precision and Accuracy are the Most Important Factors

The Brave New World

laboratory balances from_adam_equipmentWhen you consider that the ‘science’ of chemistry only started to develop in the 17th century – some three hundred odd years ago – the journey of chemical science has been quite extraordinary, reaching a level of sophistication that would have been beyond the dreams of past generations. Carbon fibre, lightweight composites, carbon nanotubes, advanced pharmaceuticals, and the microprocessors that run our world all have chemical wizardry somewhere in their production and development.

The other facet of this exciting world of technological development is ‘absolute precision’. Whether it is the research scientist or the analytical chemist, the need for precise data and accuracy of measurements is crucial, and no less so in the case of area of laboratory balances and scales.

The Digital Age Means Greater Accuracy

laboratory calibration weightsIn the past, chemists relied on handling physical weights, and their ability to accurately read off the figures from a calibrated scale, when it came to weighing substances. These methods still have their place as fall-backs, or in remote parts of the world with few facilities, but today’s researcher is more likely to reach for a digital laboratory scale or balance to get precise and reliable measurements. Indeed, the new digital balances available are often incredibly sophisticated and the UK is fortunate to have some of the best digital laboratory equipment manufacturers in the world.

Many of the models available to researchers have USB and RS-232 connections that allow measurements to be directly harvested by an attached computer or laptop, speeding up the data-gathering process. Some models even come with audible overload indicators to prevent damage to the balance.With a huge range of accessories available such as covers, hard case, anti-vibration tables and density determination kits, you can tailor each device specifically to your requirements

In the Laboratory Or Out in The Field

hard carry case with lockIn the area of corporate or public laboratory field research portable digital scales and balances are available for on-site use, so enabling researchers to spend longer in the field collecting data rather than returning to base to begin the measurement process. Low cost compact versions can simply work on AA batteries while more high-end precision portable models work on rechargeable batteries or DC adapters.

Cutting Edge Technology

For researchers at the cutting edge of chemical know-how, products, or pharmaceuticals the demand for absolute accuracy and precision of weight measurements is, again, crucial. Investing thousands of man-hours in developing a new product only to have that work undermined by poor data measurements is not what a company, or its shareholders, will want to hear. Where the research is groundbreaking, and reputations could be at stake through peer review, then accurate and reliable measurements from robust laboratory equipment is also a must. But, as mentioned, there are British companies out there that are leaders in this field of laboratory equipment.