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UK Made Lab Equipment: A Guide to Laboratory Precision Products

As a market leader in the manufacture and provision of top quality laboratory equipment, with over twenty five years experience, Laboratory Precision Ltd are extremely well placed to offer an extensive range of laboratory precision products. Based in the UK and with a wealth of expertise, we specialise in the design and manufacture of quality vial crimpers and decappers for crimping and decapping aluminium caps on crimp-top vials and bottles.

Laboratory Precision is a UK based company, supplying both within the United Kingdom and internationally. We are established as being a reliable and trustworthy source of laboratory products and we are able to manufacture these products to the highest possible standards: flying the flag for UK manufactured products.

Our customer base covers the fields of veterinary and human medicine, schools and laboratories. The ready availability and reliability of our products for use in sterile enviroments, is of prime importance to our customers. As we are also able to offer a bespoke design service tailored to each clients individual needs, with a  manufacturing base that is nimble and responsive to customer requirements.

We are proud to offer the following high quality products:

Vial Crimpers and Vial Decappers


Cappress Senior Cap Crimper

We specialise in the manufacture of high quality tools for crimping and decapping aluminium vial seals onto glass vials and bottles. These are available as Hand Vial Crimpers and Decappers for crimping in low volumes, Bench-mounted vial crimpers for crimping in the medium volume range, and Pneumatic Crimpers and Decappers for larger volume applications.

Perfume Atomizer Spray Pump Crimpers


Cosmetic Atomiser Spray Hand – Pump Crimper

We offer crimping tools for aluminium crimp-on atomiser spray vial caps for the perfume and beauty industry in two standard sizes of 15mm and 20mm crimp collets, other sizes are available on request.
Depending upon the quantity ordered we offer the Cosmetic Atomiser Spray Pump Crimper for small volumes, the Manual Bench-Mounted Cosmetic Spray Pump Crimper for mid range volumes and the Pneumatic Bench Mounted Perfume Spray Pump Crimper for high volume production.

Laboratory Glass Vial and Bottle Range


Diagnostic Vials in Clear Glass & Amber Glass

We have a wide range of high quality precision-made glass vials and bottles ranging from Borosilicate Glass vials and bottles for the least reactive type of glass available, to de-alkalised Soda Lime Glass to use with products below a pH level 7. We also offer Soda-Lime Glass used for storing dry powder and liquids which are insensitive to alkali, and a general purpose Soda-Lime Glass which is suited for non-parenteral products (to be consumed orally or by inhalation)
and is often used for storing medication, usually in tablet form.

Injection Vials

We are able to supply both clear and amber injection vials, made from borosilicate type I glass with a crimp finish which are suitable for lyophilization / freeze-drying and parentarel applications.

Dram Vials / Trident Vials

Manufactured from Type 1 Borosilicate glass, these vials have a very high resistance to strong acids, alkalis and heat, making them perfect for the storage or display of almost any small sample.

Diagnostic Vials

As an alternative to crimp finish bottles, we can offer screw thread diagnostic vials with a stopper in clear or amber glass.

Pathology Vials

Made from neutral moulded glass these vials are autoclavable and suitable for pharmaceutical use.

Universal and Bijou Vials

Manufactured from Type 111 tubular Soda Glass these Universal vials have screw neck tops with polypropylene or aluminium caps.

Dropper Bottles and Assemblies

Readily available from stock, these vials are made from neutral Type 1B tubular glass and are suitable for a range of diagnostic, pharmaceutical and healthcare applications.


Crimp Caps and Vial Seals


An example of a13mm Flip Off Cap (not embossed)

We offer a vast range of caps and seals including flip-off caps, complete tear-off or centre tear-out caps and seals, flip up or off/tear-off caps and seals and vial stoppers. All of these are available in a comprehensive range of sizes, colours and styles.

Laboratory Balances

laboratory balances from_adam_equipment

Laboratory Balances from Adam Equipment

Manufactured by Adam Equipment in the UK, this range of digital scales, used in the fields of medicine, education, retail, industry and pharmaceuticals, has a reputation for accuracy, reliability, durability and good value for money. We also supply calibration weights and balance and scale accessories.


Oil-Free Air Compressors


Bambi VT150 Oil-Free Air Compressor

We have a wide range of oil-free air compressors, including Bambi, Jun-Air and Ekom to ensure clean compressed air quality for the medical and dental industry, the electronics industry and the food processing industry. As ever, we are here to advise you on the most suitable product for your needs.

Chromatography Crimpers and Decappers


Chromatography decappers for sample preparation in 8, 11 and 20mm sizes.

Manufactured in-house by ourselves at Laboratory Precision Limited , our chromatography crimpers and decappers are supplied directly to sterile and hygienic working environments across the world for use in laboratories and hospitals.

Setting the Standard for Laboratory Equipment.

As a UK based company we take pride in our ability to provide a wide range of top quality Laboratory Precision Products within a sterile environment, with trustworthiness, reliability, responsiveness and high standards as our core values. With over 25 years experience in the field and being suppliers to many household names we set the benchmark for equipment that will be used now and for years to come.