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Sample Vials for the Beauty Industry

From billboards and promotional events to TV and magazine advertisements, companies spend millions marketing perfumes. But one of the simplest and most effective ways for customers to experience a new fragrance is with a free sample.

Sample Vials for Perfumes

1ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml perfume sampler vials

1ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml perfume sampler vials

Unlike a spritz of fragrance in a department store, a perfume sampler vial allows customers to wear and enjoy a scent before they purchase it. If you’re creating testers or new fragrances, or you’re looking to distribute samples, perfume sampler vials from Laboratory Precision are the ideal solution. Available in three sizes, 1.0ml, 1.5ml and 2.0ml, these clear glass vials can be supplied plain, or printed with a design of your choice. What’s more, to ensure they make a visual impact with your customers, they can be supplied mounted on a printed card or box, with various colours and styles of polythene closure.


Seal the Vial With an Atomizer Spray Pump

Cosmetic Atomizer Spray pump Crimper

Hand Held Cosmetic Atomizer Spray pump Crimper

Once you’ve decided to produce a run of perfume samples in vials, you may decide to add an atomiser spray pump. A spray pump eliminates any chance of spillage, and makes it easier for your customers to test and apply the fragrance in a quick spritz. It also makes the sample easy to carry around and even share with other potential customers.


As a vial crimper specialist, Laboratory Precision offers various crimping tools for adding atomizer spray pumps, specially designed for use in the perfume and beauty industry. These easy to operate crimping tools make applying crimp-on atomizer spray vial caps quick and simple. They come in two standard sizes: 15mm and 20mm crimp collets, although custom sizes can be produced on request, to suit your requirements.

Pneumatic Perfume Atomizer Spray Pump Crimper

A Pneumatic Perfume Atomizer Spray Pump Crimper

Laboratory Precision’s range of crimping tools comprises pneumatic, bench mounted and hand perfume spray pump crimpers. The crimping tool you choose will largely depend on the volume of perfume vials you are capping. For very large volumes, the pneumatic, bench-mounted crimper is the perfect solution. Extremely efficient and simple to operate, it’s designed for high production speed capping.

Bench Mounted Perfume Bottle Crimper

Bench Mounted Perfume Bottle Crimper

If you’re producing mid-to-high volumes, the manual bench mounted crimper is a great choice, and a cost-effective alternative to the pneumatic model. Finally, if you’re only producing a small volume of sample vials, the hand-held cosmetic atomiser spray pump crimper is ideal, giving you the flexibility and freedom to cap at your own pace. Whichever you choose, you can be confident all Laboratory Precision crimpers are designed to deliver consistent results, and make crimping almost effortless.