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When Should you Replace your Vial Crimpers and Decappers?

Spot the Signs of Wear on your Equipment

If you’re in the business of regularly capping or decapping a variety of aluminium caps on crimp top vials and glass bottles, it is important to ensure you have the correct equipment to perform the job. In addition, identifying when your tools need replacing is key. Constant crimping and decapping of thousands of vials can be a labour of love at the best of times, therefore finding an effective solution for ease of execution becomes simple if you know where to look for quality tools.

In some cases, you may have outgrown the equipment you’re using and should consider an upgrade to Bench Mounted Cappers & Decappers or even pneumatic or air-powered equipment for very high volumes

Five Signs that Your Crimpers & De-Cappers are Worn:

Vial Decappers and Crimpers need to be of a high standard to ensure speed of execution. If you’re experiencing any of the following it means your equipment needs renewing to maintain the speed and precision you need:-

1) A loose crimped seal.
2) An untidy crimped cap.
) Your current tool sticking on the cap.
4) An effort increase to decap or crimp.
5) Your current equipment is showing wear.

Wear and tear on tools

Crimpers & Decapper Wear and Tear Signs

The above may seem like a no-brainer but as a lab worker, we are sometimes consumed in the day to day grind without realising that taking a moment to assess our performance and equipment could cut our work time down considerably. The sooner a solution is found to compromised work performance, the better.

Buy Lab Equipment that’s Built to Last:

Laboratory Precision Ltd should be your first port of call. They are a renowned and leading manufacturer of vial crimping and decapping equipment. They’ve been in the business for over 25 years which provides peace of mind that their tools are top notch. Laboratory Precision Ltd manufacture all types of equipment for your needs. These include handheld, bench-mounted and not forgetting pneumatic vial Decappers and Crimpers to get through those larger volumes. On their website, they also offer an extensive and extremely useful buyers guide.

Check out our range of Crimping and De-Crimping Equipment for replacements or upgrades.