Guide to Oil-Free Air Compressors for Dentists

The use of dental air compressors is strictly regulated because they must be exceptionally hygienic, so as not to cause infections or other problems for dentists’ patients. None of the materials used in the machinery, such as oil, must be allowed to seep into the air flow or they would lead to illness, and the dentist could be subject to legal action. That’s why there are standards of operation and regulations concerning dental air compressor use, and failure to abide by them could land a dental practice in trouble.


Boost Hygiene with Oil-Free Air Compressors

To ensure hygiene levels are maintained in the dental surgery, it’s essential to have an air compressor that doesn’t use oil, and there are many available. A potential difficulty with oil compressors is that if proper filtering is not used and oil can get into the air supply and be unknowingly ingested by the patient. That would represent a disaster for the dental practice as the patient would become ill and if word got out, people might go elsewhere for their dental treatment.

Also, dentists want their air compressors to run as quietly as possible, and with oil-free dental compressors you’d barely even notice them.


Choosing the Right Oil-Free Air Compressor

Junair Quiet Oil-Free Medical & Dental Air Compressors

Junair Quiet Oil-Free Medical & Dental Air Compressors

Another potential hazard with air compressors is that due to the relatively high humidity of the air, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To eliminate the threat, the compressor must have a dryer and an air filtration system that can remove the moisture and leave the air clean.

Dental air must be of a very high standard before it can be used, and prohibiting the growth of bacteria is essential to ensuring that it’s of the highest quality possible. Regular maintenance of the compressor is also essential, including replacement of the filter and cleaning of the dryer to remove the build up of any harmful elements. The compressor must be in top condition at all times to ensure no harm comes to patients.

Keeping Noise to a Minimum

Due to the benefits of oil-free compressors, today they should be the choice of all dentists, as well as others working in the medical field. They’re audibly non-intrusive and there’s no risk of oil causing any problems. Compressors in a dental surgery should be seen and not heard hence why you’ll hear the drill but the compressor powering it will be comparatively silent.


Buying Second Hand Equipment Can Cost You a Fortune

However, if you’re thinking about buying a used compressor for your dental practice and you find that it uses oil, it should be replaced to make sure it won’t fall foul of the regulations and standards concerning medical and dental air quality. Saving a few quid by buying second hand could cost you a lot, and put your practice at risk if something goes wrong.


Pricing and Sizing Are Important

Obviously, when considering the purchase of an air compressor, budget is an issue, as well as the size of them machine itself: will it fit into the surgery without causing problems? A good rule of thumb is to first determine where in the surgery the compressor will be placed, and then measure the space and compare that to the compressors you’re looking at to see what fits best, because compressors come in all sorts of sizes.  We can offer advice on compressor sizing depending on the size of the practice in which it is to be used.

When weighing up the prices of air compressors, decide what you want to use it for and then choose. There’s little point in going for a pricey model that has all sorts of features that won’t be any use to you when a simpler and cheaper compressor will do the job just as well.


For Medical, Laboratory & Food Industry Standards

In addition to their use in the medical sector, air compressors are also employed in food processing, where it keeps food safe and helps to meet health and safety regulations. They’re also used in the electronics industry, to keep dust and other particles, as well as moisture, away from sensitive circuit boards.


Bambi HT Oil-Free Air Compressors

bambi ht3 oil free compressor 320

Bambi HT3 Oil Free Compressor

Laboratory Precision Ltd has a range of clean-air compressors that run efficiently and quietly and fit all requirements. Bambi HT oil-free medical and dental air compressors are low-maintenance and extremely quiet. They are the perfect choice for dental surgeries and right across the healthcare sector as well as being fully compliant with regulations and standard. In fact: exceeding them in their operation.

 Jun-Air Oil-Free Air Compressors

Jun Air 2000 40bd2 oil free dental air compressor

Jun Air 2000 40bd2 oil free dental air compressor

Another leading choice are Jun-Air oil-free medical and dental air compressors. Since 1958, these compressors have been sold all around the world, in industries including dental, medical, beverage and laboratory. Today, the company continues to refine their compressors to make them even more reliable and top-quality. With ‘quiet run’ or silent running options and  a reputation for reliability these make excellent choices for dental surgeries and food or medical sectors, alike.

Ekom Oil-Free Air Compressors

Ekom tower oil free air compressor system

Ekom tower oil free air compressor system

Ekom oil-free medical and dental air compressors are another good choice from Laboratory Precision Ltd. Ekom specialise in compressors for the dental industry, whether for small practices or large hospital operations. These high-standard compressors are the ideal fit for dental chairs. Their range caters from one dental unit up to several units including the pictured tower system which can be customized to suit you requirements with four, six, nine, twelve or fifteen oil-free piston compressor pumps & with adsorption air dryer system.

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